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Any boy in the Park Cities / North Dallas area who will be incoming 2nd through 12th grade boys. We have boys from HPISD, Providence, Covenant, Corum Deo, St. Marks, ESD, TCA, etc. We do not turn away anyone and are happy to share the fun with new friends. We only ask that each child has a signed waiver from their parent and a completed registration form. As you can tell, there are many boys and we want to make sure yours is safe.

In the past, we have split our time between a host home in the Park Cities and Park Cities Baptist Church. Park Cities Baptist Church as been gracious enough to allow us to use their gym and activities area when the summer heat kicks into full gear.

Upon arrival, the boys check in with the adult volunteers and get their name tags. Then they shoot hoops or play in the game room until most everyone has arrived. Everyone then gathers for announcements and a speaker. Once that’s over, a structured team building game is played. After that, parents sign their kids out and the boys say their memory verse for a prize. A newsletter is also sent home with the kids recapping the message and highlighting any important announcements.

We meet almost every Wednesday night during the summer. Incoming 3rd/4th graders meet from 5:30-6:30 pm at PCBC (7th grade CIT leadership). Incoming 5th/6th/7th/8th graders meet from 6:45-7:45 pm (8th grade CIT Leadership) and our high schoolers (also known as the AU CREW) wrap things up from 8-8:30pm. In the past, we’ve met for 10-12 weeks beginning the first week of June. We normally take off the week of July 4 and he last week of July. This is subject to change from year to year, however.

Simply fill out the registration form and waiver. You will then be added to our master email list and will receive all important information.

Any parent is welcome to volunteer. Please indicate your preference on the registration form and we will be happy to place you where you are needed most. If you would like to volunteer with a friend, please list that on the form as well. A background check will be run on each of our volunteers to ensure the safety of our children.

We are happy to share our materials and work with you if you would like to start a program with your son’s age group. There is simply not enough manpower for us to do every age child. Please contact us for more information.

We welcome any and all boys that are of appropriate age. We only ask that every child who participates in Armour Up fills out a registration form and waiver prior to attending. Both can be found on this website. For safety purposes, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Your son is more than welcome to register even if he can only attend one or two sessions. We highly encourage you to let him be a ‘part’ of the group even if he will be gone most of the summer. The reason being that the tween/teen years are the times our kids truly need to feel like they belong SOMEWHERE. We’d love for that to be a safe place like Armour Up. Here, everyone is included. We also have many activities throughout the year including weekly Bible studies and special events. If your son is registered, he will be able to attend those as well.

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