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  • AU Newsletter 6.7.17       Sponsored by The FIND Auctions
  • AU Newsletter 6.14.17     Sponsored by The RHODES Group
  • AU Newsletter 6.21.17     Sponsored by J.D. Smith Custom Homes
  • AU Newsletter 6.28.17     Sponsored by J.D. Smith Custom Homes
  • AU Newsletter 7.5.17       Sponsored by
  • AU Newsletter 7.12.17     Sponsored by Dallas Pain Consultants
  • AU Newsletter 7.19.17     Sponsored by the 3rd Grade Boys at Bradfield
  • AU Newsletter 7.26.17     Sponsored by The Bryant Family
  • AU Newsletter 8.2.17       Sponsored by the Wakefield Family
  • AU Newsletter 8.9.17       Sponsored by The Fagan Family
  • AU Newsletter 8.16.17     Sponsored by the Pletcher Family

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