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Armour Up 2018 Registration is Now Open!!

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2018

Armour Up Nation,

We hope this email finds you happy, healthy and ready to begin the new year!  Our team has been working diligently on summer 2018 and we are so excited to share what’s in store!  


First of all, the legendary Josh Barnard (of HP KLife fame) will be joining us once again as our fearless leader.  Josh is such a great fit for AU as he brings to the table an outstanding knowledge of the Bible, a rock solid relationship with the Lord, and an arsenal of outrageous skits and games!  We are thrilled to welcome Josh back for year 2!  

AU Board of Directors Welcomes WILL WASHINGTON

In addition, we have added Will Washington to our Armour Up Board of Directors. As you know, Will has a rich history with Armour Up and will be around a lot this summer as well as involved in our planning.  So if your kids missed him last summer, please let them know he’ll be back in action for the summer of 2018!  

Will Washington

CREW IN TRAINING (Class of 2023)

As if that’s not exciting enough, we have created something new for our incoming 8th graders next year (current 7th graders – class of 2023).  We will be implementing CREW IN TRAINING for the incoming 8th graders as a transition between Armour Up and AU CREW.  They will buddy up with a current CREW member (high schooler) an learn the ropes on how to be a leader within the AU organization.  They will assist during Armour Up and work closely with the leadership to help facilitate games, announcements, etc.  This will all happen during Armour Up this summer (no outside time required).  Please keep in mind that your child must complete a summer of CREW IN TRAINING (C.I.T.) in order to be initiated into the AU CREW in high school.  (In other words, they will not be eligible to receive volunteer hours in high school until they have completed a summer of training.)  We look forward to your son being in the inaugural ‘CREW In Training’ class!  Please register here (make sure to click on “CREW In Training” during registration).  And click to read more about the program:  Crew In Training Intro Letter 2017

** Please note your child will not be registered if you do not pay at registration.  You will be directed to a PayPal site (which also takes credit cards) after registering.  Thanks for completing the last step to insure your child is on our roster.**

Registration is NOW OPEN for summer 2018

Raise your hand if you’re interested in early registration!  For the first time ever, we are opening Armour Up registration in December!  By doing so, we hope to better prepare for each child who will walk through our doors on June 6th.   Thank you for helping us plan ahead by registering your child early this year.  It is IMPERATIVE that you know that your child is NOT registered if you have not paid.  You will be directed to a PayPal site after registering (which also accepts credit cards).  Please make sure you complete the registration process in order for your child to get into our system.  Click here for registration and make sure you click on the proper section for your child:

  • Armour Up = incoming 3rd through 7th graders
  • CREW in Training = incoming 8th graders
  • AU CREW = incoming 9th through 12th graders

The deadline for registration to have your son’s name on t-shirts, a proper name tag this summer, and your son’s name on AU merchandise is April 1st (no joke). So please register now to avoid forgetting!!  We hate seeing those sad faces when the kids realize their name didn’t make it onto the shirt.  Thanks parents!  **You can register multiple children in your family all at once no matter what category they are in!**

AU CREW (Grades 9-12)

Back by popular demand, the AU CREW has grown into an organization all its own.  We are so proud of these boys for stepping up and leading our younger generation of boys.   If your son is interested in joining us this summer for AU CREW, please register him here.  By doing so, he will be eligible for community service hours throughout the summer, as well as an opportunity to work with Will Washington & Josh Barnard on how to disciple others.  Thank you for your support of this program for our young men! ** Please note your child will not be registered if you do not pay at registration.  You will be directed to a PayPal site (which also takes credit cards) after registering.  Thanks for completing the last step to insure your child is on our roster.**

Share the News

If you know of someone who has a son entering 3rd grade next fall (current 2nd grader), please forward this email to them.  We’d love for them to learn about Armour Up through you or through our website.  As a reminder, we know that kids travel throughout the summer and attend camp for up to 4 weeks in some cases.  We encourage you to still participate in Armour Up on the weeks you are in town!  Each week stands alone and provides a fun and welcoming atmosphere where the gospel is preached.  It’s a great way to reconnect with your friends over the summer and hear the word of God.

Come and Follow Us

If you haven’t already, please follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog as that is how we get our information out.  

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Please have your kids join us if they are on social media as well!

Upcoming Events

We, at Armour Up, like to support our local ministries like Ozone, Klife, Young Life, etc.  Please join us and take advantage of the following upcoming opportunities:

  • Klife Retreat (grades 7-12) at Pine Cove over MLK weekend: click here for more information or contact Josh (josh.barnard@klife.com) 
  • Ozone Lock In: February 2nd (grades 6-8) at Group Dynamix!  Click here to register.  (wes@ozoneministries.com)
  • Klife Dodgeball Tournament: February 11th (grades 3-12) from 2-6pm.  Click here to register. (josh.barnard@klife.com)
  • Ozone Breakfast @ DCC: March 1st (parents only).  Click here for more information. (wes@ozoneministries.com)

If you would like for us to get information out about your ministry, please let us know!

In Closing

We’d like to thank each of you who have supported our ministry over the years.  We are a 501c3 organization, and appreciate your donations to keep us afloat.  (There is a small ‘donate’ button on the front page of our website if you feel so inclined to give.)  We feel blessed to be able to work with each of your kids in our own neighborhood and teach them about loving God and loving others.  The entire AU team wishes you a very Happy New Year, and many blessings in 2018.

See you this summer!